Commissions Info

I am currently taking commissions for digital paintings of people and animals, as well as illustrations!

For each image, a digital copy and a print are available. You are free to choose one, or, of course, both.

If you are interested in commissioning my work, you can start by contacting me introducing yourself and telling me what you want. Send any reference photos you want me to use (the quality of these does not have to be perfect; smartphone photos are just fine). Once we are in agreement about what to produce, I’ll get right to it!

Keep in mind that if you desire a physical print, I will need a physical address to send it to. You are also free to print the digital copy at home to your heart’s content.

Rates and Payment

Rates for digital portrait work are available upon request, before anything else happens.

Orders including physical prints will have a Virginia sales tax added.

I ask 50% payment in advance for each project and the other 50% upon completion. I accept cash, checks, money orders, and electronic payments (via Square, and please note I’m Stephen Sherrange, not “Millennium Steve”).

Depending on the amount of subjects in the image and the nature of the commission, a single project may be done within a week or it could take longer. I will always let you know about this before I begin working.

If you have any questions or an idea for a project that doesn’t fit the above description, I’m all ears.